San Fran Anne

San Fran Anne

Weekly Required Reading 8.29.14

In a week of bad news, bad news, bad news, it’s really tempting just to curl up under the covers and hide from the wide world web. But: 1. That would make you uninformed and 2. You’d miss out on all the really thought-provoking, interesting stories out there this week. And that would be a crying shame.

Things I loved this week:

  1. What Life Is Like When You’re Born on a Commune, Vanity Fair
  2. Can Jill Soloway do justice to the trans movement?, New York Times
  3. Working hard pays and Christina Tosi can prove it, Refinery29
  4. Whit Stillman’s, “The Cosmopolitans,” The New Yorker
  5. How do I make friends in my late 20’s?, New York Magazine

Photo credit:  AZ, via Flickr